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Community description:Males of the gorgeous persuasion
This community is for the appreciation of Mother Nature's art - namely the hotness that graces the stage, the screen, and the airwaves. Photos, gifs, and macros are all welcome.

So if you have someone that you'd like to introduce to the rest of us, please feel free to post it here. You can never have too many fandoms though you may run out of room for all those external hard drives! ^_~

Quick guidelines:
1) If your pic is based on someone else's scan be a dear and give them the credit they're due for providing you with a muse for your creativity.

2) Primarily the pics will be of hotties of the male persuasion but if your thing is hotties of the female persuasion then feel free to post. I don't judge and I'll be mightily peeved at those who do.
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